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Onsite Master Jeweler

Matt Khatib has been a jewelry designer for 21 years, learning the craft from his grandfather and integrating the latest technology to provide a service unparalleled by any other jeweler on the northshore of Boston. He has an amazing ability to create beautiful and intricate designs from the most simple sketches or even just a conversation with his clients. After creating the initial 3D design of the jewelry you have invisioned, Matt will make a wax model using our onsite state of the art Solidscape wax printing machine, allowing the customer to have a tangible object to try on. From there, Matt will cast your jewelry onsite and hand finish every detail for exceptional quality.

By offering these amazing services in house, M.K. Benatti Jewelers is able to provide beautiful, high quality jewelry at prices you can be happy with. Most other jewelers contract out their designs for a fee, their wax models for a fee, their casting for a fee, and their setting for a fee which drives their cost of doing business up, leaving their consumer with higher prices paid. At M.K. Benatti our goal is to provide the best quality jewelry at competitive prices.